What made me happy this week

Last Wednesday was my husbands birthday, and I finally got to give him the neat gifts that I made him. I’m all about giving presents, especially handmade ones, so it’s typical of me to be gift-planning weeks (or months) ahead of time. The anticipation KILLS ME! It’s so exciting. 

Some of the things i made include: a cute shirt (printed freehand with a Rub-a-Dub Sharpie)


and one of those neat sharpie mugs you’ve probably seen around the internet.

harry potter mug

harry potter mug


Note: I have yet to bake this, but when i do I’ll be sure to write a review of how well this worked for me. Also, Harry Potter font is not as easy to reproduce as i thought, but I think I nailed it.. Sort of..

Also, we were able to leave the girls with grandma so we could go see a movie, which we havent done since Elsie was born (November 2013). It was a much appreciated break.

I haven’t been to this particular theater in years, and it was kind of strange going there now. I realized that I’ve been going there my whole life since i was very little and that it’s really a powerhouse of memories for me. So many different memories from very different stages of my life, with so many very different friends as well as crushes. It was marvelously nostalgic. And surprisingly, i realized walking inside, that they haven’t even changed the carpeting in all these years! 


I’m deeply sentimental, so this pleased me greatly.

Apologies for the less than great quality cellphone photos.

Note- We were planning on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy, but it apparently wasn’t out yet (we were a day early). So we saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and it did NOT disappoint! It was really well done. Seriously. 

I also made a carrot cake from scratch that night but woefully didn’t take a photo of it as there was no natural lighting and we weren’t about to wait until the next day to eat it. But it had cream cheese icing. And pecans. Oh my goodness I’m hungry now! 


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