My Happiness Project- August

So now I’m on my second month of my Happiness Project, inspired by a really neat book i read called (can you guess?) The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. This month I’ve decided to focus on the area of Mothering! I’m excited for this challenge.

I’m still pretty new at this mothering thing, even though I’ve had over two years of practice. New challenges keep presenting themselves as each milestone is reached, and it’s a relentless cycle. Being a parent is a huge source of so much joy, but it’s also a huge source of stress. One thing that I struggle the most with is the tantrums. I’ve realized that I have a surprisingly short temper and am quick to let my anger take over, resulting in yelling which only makes things worse for both of us. I’ve read a lot of helpful blog posts on this subject, but i think this post on the 4 things NOT to do during a tantrum is the easiest to remember and the most helpful for me personally.

This month, my goals are to:

  • try to properly respond to tantrums. no yelling!
  • not be so quick to say “no!” (i seriously overuse that word)
  • making them both helpless with laughter at least once (daily)
  • read to them both (daily)

So, how did i do last month on keeping up with my goals? Well… Not great to be honest. But not bad, either! I definitely did my best, and that’s really all i set out to do, so I’m not going to beat myself up for any short-comings. I plan on keeping up with my yoga and water intake. My negative reactions to my daughter are making her temper worse and things have gotten so stressful for me that I’ve been drinking more and more coffee every day and less and less water. I’ve even taken up smoking e-cigarettes, which I’m certainly not proud of. So hopefully I can correct this behavior and calm the hell down! 

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