Human Error

Happy fall, everyone!!!

Sincere apologies for my absence, but things have been a lot more hectic than usual for us lately. Not to mention we dont currently have our own computer.

In my last post I talked about My Happiness Project for August, and I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that i didn’t keep up with it and I abandoned the project for September and October (and probably for good). My brain is far too distracted with EVERYTHING else right now, so.. i gave up. And that’s ok. Sometimes it’s ok to let go of projects that just aren’t working out for us for whatever reason. My flaw is that I’m just extremely flaky. I always start some kind of project bursting with enthusiasm only to find myself a week later ditching it for a different type of project. Like one week I’ll be really pumped to practice drawing and then the next week I’ll start making jewelry, then sewing, then reading, then painting, etc..

I also go through lots of 30 Day Challenges.. Recently I’ve taken on a mom challenge, drawing challenge¬†and a movie challenge. None of them lasted more than a week. And those are like the things that I’m really interested in! But i still just couldn’t stick with it for one reason or another. So it’s not surprising to me that I couldn’t go through with a year-long challenge, even though I was very excited about it to begin with.

But like i said: It’s OK! We shouldn’t waste our time beating ourselves up for human error.

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