Hello, November!

Now that Halloween is passed us, we’re onto the next month of crafts and projects. October is my favorite month of the year, but honestly it makes me kind of anxious because i want to make the most of it AND THEN SOME. I put October waaaay high up on this pedestal, so it’s inevitably never the way i want it to turn out. But I try my best, and that’s plenty good enough for me.

This month holds my youngest’s birthday (shes turning 1!) and of course Thanksgiving. I’ve started my own tradition of sewing up a special plushy for my girls every birthday (until they no longer like plushies), and I’ve chosen an owl plushy for Elsie’s first. I’m also planning on making her some warm, comfy baby booties. I really love sewing, from upcycling old clothes to making pillows and plushies. I’m starting to seriously run out of places to store my fabric scraps!

Speaking of sewing, since the bitter cold is setting in here I’ve decided that my wardrobe needs some over-sized infinity scarves and cute hats. I dont know how to crochet or knit, but learning how to finger-knit is on my November to-do list for sure. I’m pretty sure i need (to make) this hat.

Then of course we’ve got Thanksgiving coming up, a great opportunity for trying new recipes. I’ve got my eye on this Cranberry Blueberry Sauce from http://www.averiecooks.com/

What’s on your November to-do list?

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