Gifts for Introverts

Not sure what to get for the introvert in your life? Put down those tickets to Disneyworld, and consider this list.


Knowing what the introvert in questions enjoys doing when they’re alone is important. Do they like to read, draw, cook, listen to music, do yoga? It’s ok if you have no idea, but knowing what a persons hobbies are is obviously the best place to start when getting a gift for anyone.

1.) Noise-Cancelling Headphones

They don’t necessarily have to be noise-cancelling, but if you can afford it i highly recommend it. Bose has some extraordinary quality headphones and earbuds, but i personally like the Beats brand for the design and all the different colors (plus they’re a little cheaper than Bose). Headphones are a godsend to introverts and people suffering from general anxiety disorder.

or, for the child introvert in your life, these are wireless and come in a variety of colors!


2.) Books

Let me first say that not all introverts are bookworms. Plenty of extroverts enjoy reading just as much as anyone. This is another one of those where you kind of need to know what that person is into (so i cant help you there), BUT here’s a few books that celebrate the elusive introvert.




If your introvert does in fact love books, a giftcard to a bookstore is an excellent present. I highly recommend the online store Better World Books. The money you spend there goes to literacy programs in Africa, and shipping is FREE. (and they have gift certificates!)
E-readers are also great options for book-lovers.

3.) Journals

Journals are great for people who have a lot going on in their heads that they’re keeping inside. Be sure to throw in some nice pens! -wink-
You can’t go wrong with a nice moleskin

There’s also hundreds of pages of gorgeous leather journals on They come in a variety of colors, sizes and some are surprisingly cheap (and customizable!)








or, for the more environmentally friendly  introvert, there’s 100% recycled material journals



4.) Tea (or tea accessories)

I’ve always thought of tea as a somewhat introspective and even intellectual drink. It’s so customizable to your needs and tastes; it can pick you up or relax you or just plain taste amazing. It’s a great way to promote a sense of well-being.

If your introvert doesn’t own a tea kettle, that might be a good place to start. You’ll also want to look into tea strainers for loose leaf tea. This awesome Ikea teapot has a strainer built in!


There’s also a decent amount of cute novelty tea infusers out there Babushka-in-Cup-e1395730356118





yes that is a tardis and yes im hyperventilating

5.) If you know that the introvert is creative, Keri Smith has a really cool set of books made for exercising your creative muscles.



6.) (This one is sort of a joke, but) The Ostrich Pillow.


Yes. This is a real thing that people are actually using in public. It blocks out most noise and covers your eyes, leaving a space for easy breathing. It’s just ironic because it screams “LOOK AT ME!’ and also “LEAVE ME ALONE!’. 

So what do you think? Would you wear this for on-the-go napping?

I hope you enjoyed this post! There will be more like these to come, so look out for that between now and Christmas. Let me know in the comments if you thought i forgot anything!!

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