Personal Traditions

personal traditions

If you’re anything like me, you like to follow traditions in an intentionally unconventional way. We (my husband and i.. and my parents for that matter) feel like holidays are forced and just more stressful than relaxing and happy! Why should we eat a turkey for thanksgiving (especially if we can’t afford it for whatever reason)? Why not pizza?

We feel like widely celebrated holidays and traditions are only traditional to us because that’s just what we’ve been raised doing. So it makes it all a bit pointless. So why not make our own traditions? Or at least spice up the standard Hallmarky ones?

Can i make a special request while i have your attention? Valentines day. Can we just… STOP THAT FOREVER?

Traditions are great if you’re hopelessly sentimental like me, but they should actually MEAN something to you! You, personally. As in: Create Your Own Traditions!!! It’s so much more rewarding and fulfilling!

For example:When i was a child, i started my own tradition of watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version) every Christmas Eve night, and also making a tent in my room and sleeping in it (same night). I don’t do the tent thing anymore, though maybe i should, but i do still always watch that movie on Christmas Eve. This will be a fun tradition to share with my children!

Another example: I put paint on the bottom of my daughters feet every birthday and print them down on paper and frame it.


I also sew them a plushy every birthday (until they no longer like plushies anymore).



Yes.. All by hand. I wanted them to be as personal as possible (in hopes that, being their first birthday present, they’ll keep them forever)!

we're cute

The left one is Autumns and the right, Elsies. I wanted the fabric to be super colorful and stimulating for their 1 year old brains.  The backs have different fabric too! (and a special secret which you’ll see later)


Then of course, Autumn is 2, so she has two plushies! Meet Lula. She’s kind of the favorite.

i have embroidery on my butt

Like i said, i wanted them to be super special so i embroidered the butts, haha

embroidery butt

Then we’ve got our little tradition of the first birthday cake. Its special because its not a cake, it’s a pie. A raw food pie from the cookbook of one of our favorite singer/songwriters Jonsi (of Sigur Ros). You can find the cookbook here (its free! but it might not work on mobile? you have to flip the pages..) The wonderful thing about raw food is that since the ingredients aren’t cooked, the food retains all of its nutrients! And none of the recipes in the cookbook use refined sugars, only agave or honey! But it is so sweet and rich. Almost too rich! But goodness it’s delicious! I implore you to try it.


Elsie(the top one is Autumn, bottom ones Elsie)

So how about it? Do you have any personal traditions or holidays?

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