the snowman

There is currently a video going viral of my brother in law shoveling snow in nothing but swim trunks. As of now it has over 12,000 views and counting.


I know, it’s kind of hilarious, but hear me out. Before you start making comments accusing him of doing meth, I want to share something very important and very interesting.

My brother in law, Devon, is practicing something called the Wim Hof method. Wim Hof is a guy from the Netherlands, and if you’d like to skip this whole blog post and just watch the vice documentary on him, that would be just as well. Its only 40 minutes long, and I kid you not, it could transform your life. Watch it.


So, to over-simplify things a bit, because it is very late (I decided this needed to be posted immediately), this man (Wim Hof) has turned a tragic situation into a discovery that has Harvard changing their texts books. He’s proven through numerous tests  that you can control your autonomic system (adrenaline, hormone and immune systems), just through a breathing technique and cold shock therapy. The breathing technique also regulates his core body temperature, enabling him to climb enormous mountains in nothing but shorts. Scientists have also injected him with toxins that would, on an untrained individual, make you very ill for a short time. But using the breathing technique he was completely unphased by it! They did the same thing to a dozen of his students, and they all resisted the toxins just the same. If you’re really interested in the science behind all of this, he did an interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick that is really great. I’ll just make this one a link though, because it’s almost an hour long (but don’t let that discourage you!)

What’s even better about all of this, is that he’s not just a “freak of nature”. Anyone can do the Wim Hof method with full success. He does week long courses, teaching people how to do it. Then at the end of the week, he takes them all up to the top of a mountain, all wearing almost nothing. Obviously you don’t have to fly to Poland to learn the Wim Hof method, but it would be a pretty great story to tell 😉

The benefits of this technique, the breathing as well as the cold therapy, are simply amazing. It can heal wounds and disease, help shed weight rapidly, relieve or eliminate anxiety and depression, increase your energy and overall sense of well-being, and the list just keeps going.

My husband has also been practicing the Wim Hof method for months now, and it has changed his life. If you have any questions, we would LOVE to hear them!


The little speck way out there in the water is my husband plunging in a lake in December


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