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Lets talk mommy stuff! (part 1)

  (A couple days after I posted this I realized that I might have forgot a few things. If you read the original post already, just scroll to the bottom to see the new tips!) I’ve been pretty reluctant to … Continue reading

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the snowman

There is currently a video going viral of my brother in law shoveling snow in nothing but swim trunks. As of now it has over 12,000 views and counting.   I know, it’s kind of hilarious, but hear me out. … Continue reading

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daydreams of spring

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for spring. I’m getting really geared up about growing some fruits and veggies and herbs, even though every time I’ve tried to keep a plant alive or even start seeds it … Continue reading

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Hello again

Hello, dears. I am back, it appears, with some new ideas. Mainly I’m just going to blog about the things that I”m doing (because I’m always doing something) and not really worrying about being so likeable that i could potentially make money blogging. … Continue reading

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Personal Traditions

If you’re anything like me, you like to follow traditions in an intentionally unconventional way. We (my husband and i.. and my parents for that matter) feel like holidays are forced and just more stressful than relaxing and happy! Why … Continue reading

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Gifts for Introverts

Not sure what to get for the introvert in your life? Put down those tickets to Disneyworld, and consider this list. Knowing what the introvert in questions enjoys doing when they’re alone is important. Do they like to read, draw, … Continue reading

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Hello, November!

Now that Halloween is passed us, we’re onto the next month of crafts and projects. October is my favorite month of the year, but honestly it makes me kind of anxious because i want to make the most of it … Continue reading

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